Astral Traveling

Main Steps of Astral Traveling

The human being is mainly composed of 3 main elements, these are physical, spiritual, and emotional. These three elements should co-exist harmoniously if not, the human will suffer some degree of difficulties in life.

If the physical element affects the health, the emotional elements affect mental stabilities and sanity; the spiritual elements affect the whole system. The spiritual element consists of realms that can be explored, tweak, and reprogram. These realms are sometimes known as the astral plane.

Basic Realms or Astral Plane

Basic Realms

Where is exactly this realm? These realms exist in the boundaries of theta and delta brainwave length. At this stage, man is free to roam inside and outside of his or her physical form.

A dream is a spiritual journey (astral traveling) in a loose uncontrolled situation. This is so because no real goal or intention was set when we go to sleep accept perhaps to rest. But even then we can sometimes get reoccurring dreams, some people believe it to be a sign and they use dreams to predict something.

As said earlier in these astral plane man can explore, tweak and reprogram his or her spiritual elements. This exploration is essential to develop a highly attuned spiritual element that will give a positive impact on the other elements. We will eventually talk about that later, but today we will focus on how to astral travel and begin your own spiritual journey.

3 Lower Planes: Meaning

Each realm has its own special character. The first 3 realms are widely known as a spiritual realm in these realms man often encounter being of unknown origin, his life force is not the actual being itself. The 3 realms are unnamed, they are differed by the light.

The first realm is halfway between orange and yellow sometimes called the amber realm. This realm is just an extension of the physical realm, the conscious mind viewed by the spiritual eyes.

The second realm is green sometimes called the jade realm in this green space, man can interact with other beings, human and non-human.

The third realm is blue sometimes known as an azure realm. This realm is the alternate kingdom for all being. For experienced travelers, this realm can be tricky. The result of being in this realm for a long period of time unattended will cause a person being delusional or even enter a coma.

3 Higher Planes: Spiritual Way

The next 3 realms are commonly known as the high plane or cosmic plane. At these level a conference of highly attuned souls gathered, these are often thought to be the “spiritual guides” plane, some answer and riddles are solved here.

The 3 lower and 3 higher planes are divided by a mini realm called The Border. Here the traveler rest. Some people called it the higher plane, or the angelic realm. The name should explain the condition of this realm.

Sage Kingdom: The 4th Realm

The 4th plane is pearl white color realm. The realm above that can only be revealed to a student. There are certain limitations of what can be publicly shared.

Creative meditation can induce a deep sleep state. So it is the right tool or vessel for the astral journey, it is not really necessaries for a man to fall asleep or deep trance to astral travel, a simple creative meditation also can do the trick.

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