Creative Meditation

How to Self-Defense Through Creative Meditation

Self-Defense Through Creative Meditation

Have you ever watched the Chuck TV Series? Well, it was a very popular American fiction TV show about Chuck Bartowski, a Stanford University drops out who got accidentally involved and later recruited as a CIA agent.

He suddenly becomes the most important asset to the US government because of the abilities he possessed; the Intersect. I am not going to post a movies review today as you can read all the detailed info at Wikipedia.

Today, it will be explained to you about how you can fully use Creative Meditation to defend yourself against enemies assault or in any dangerous situation.

Nonsense you say ?? Please continue reading.

How You Can Use Creative Meditation?

Since our birth, God has supplied us with an automatic defense system in our physical body aimed at protecting ourselves from harm; antibodies to protect us against harmful bacteria or virus and Fibrin is a protein produced by our system to cover wounds, sweat to help stabilize and lower body temperature and so many other things.

Creative Meditation

God also provides us with spiritual strength in the forms of energy. This spiritual energy can be programmed to achieve a certain purpose in life. It can be used as a defensive shield or for healing purposes from minor illnesses to chronic illnesses such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

It may seem illogical. It is true because not everything can be explained using logical reasoning, for example, God himself. there is no logical explanation because it is unexplainable. but we believe that God exists by our ability to sense and feel His presence.

The same concept applied in understanding the existence of our spiritual strength. You can feel your spiritual energy flowing and guiding you and by using Creative Meditation we can manipulate our spiritual strength to do just about anything.

Let us look at energy from the view of physic knowledge. The law of physic suggests that: ” Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be transferred from one medium to another“. For example, chemical energy in a petrol can be transformed into electrical current to mobilize vehicles. Electrical current can be transformed into lights.

So How Do Use This Spiritual Energy to Defend Yourself?

Spiritual Energy to Defend Yourself

Our spiritual body comprises of thirteen energy gateway, which when activated can either bring good or bad impact on our life. In order for us to gain its full benefit, it has to be unlocked and activated either by itself or by experienced people.

Naturally, when we were born our energy gateway is already in an active state. Some of the energy gateways become locked or blocked as we grow older due to stress and other negative elements we face through our adulthood.

Some people meditate to regain peace and to better understand their life. Once they are able to understand and manages to control their emotional state the energy gateway will gradually be unlocked by itself.

Creative Meditation: Advantages

The benefits of practicing Creative Meditation is that you can speed up the process ten times much faster than it is in Silence Meditation. In “The Secret Of Malay Meditation Arts”, The Supreme Grand Master will unlock and reactivate your energy gateway permanently in just a matter of minutes.

To enable its function as your Intersect, you just have to recite a prayer simply as follows: ”God (generally) please activate my highest consciousness and the ability to protect myself from my enemies. Amen“.

Then take a deep breath on the count of six seconds and exhale your breath. Do this three times. You will notice that your hands and body will start moving in a symbolic movement. You do not have to even think where the movement leads you. All you have to do is just follow the movements.

It isn’t so complicated as Astral traveling. At first, your movement will be quiet slow because your body is trying to adjust itself to the new condition. Practice this at least two times a day and 30 minutes on each session, the movement will become much faster as you progress.

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