Esoteric Meaning of Mone

Esoteric and Spiritual Meaning of Money

The contradictions between the spiritual and material torment exist not the first millennium. Special difficulties in this regard, as a rule, are experienced by spiritual people who responsibly approach their spiritual development, striving to take care not only of their body but also of the soul. And the contradictions between the spiritual and the material become a serious obstacle on the path to harmony and happiness.

It will not be interesting if we give you the standard definitions adopted in modern society and in economics in this article, you can read this on dozens of other sites. Therefore, now we will consider the spiritual and esoteric meaning of money, the corresponding definitions with explanations. We hope that this spiritual essence will help you understand better the purpose of money. After all, absolutely everything material that surrounds us always has its spiritual meaning, which is manifested in the purpose of this or that thing (what, to whom and how this thing should serve).

Money also has its purpose, its spiritual meaning, for which they were created by the Higher Forces.

What is Money? Esoteric definitions

Money is the energy, the energy of God (if this energy is not captured and distorted by the Dark Forces). The Energy of Money is brought by the Forces of Light to Earth to create and develop the society and people, to fight against ignorance (with the help of education, upbringing), poverty, slavery, suffering, limitations and other evil.

Money is a great force, which in the material world can do a lot, but not every person is able to cope with it. After all, power can destroy its owner, if he is not ready. In order to cope with this power, you should prepare yourself, grow the strong spirit. Otherwise, everything can be demolished, if a person is weak-tempered, ignorant, greedy, wicked and weak in spirit. If there is no strong core, principles, honor, then a person becomes a slave to money and not their owner.

Why the Higher Forces Have Created Money

Everything in this world has its own value! After all, everything that surrounds us is created by someone. So, someone’s energy, someone’s love, someone’s effort, time are invested in it. One of the spiritual manifestations and indicators of the value is gratitude. Gratitude is the ability of a person and his soul to appreciate what others are doing for him (people, destiny, God) and express it in his feelings, words, deeds, even in money.

Everything in this world has its value! You can also say differently – “freebies do not exist”! Everything is worth something, everything needs to be earned! Deserve your work, work on yourself, investing energy, time and money as well. Depending on what you need.

For example, if you need a good physical form, the money will not help you. You need to go to the stadium in the yard and invest your time and energy (effort) to get the perfect figure, developed muscles, good spirits, satisfaction from training. This is your fee, but the fee is not in money.

And if you need bread, sausage, clothes, car, or house – you give away the energy of money that you earned (money) by working on your work. If you can’t earn, you can ask for money. Taking payday loans at SameDayLoansPayday gives you the energy of money and you can pay for your needs.

Therefore, it can be said that Money is the equivalent of energy that determines the value of anything in the material world. Money implements the universal Law of Justice, which says “Everything in this life must be earned by paying a fair price for it.” And this price is determined by the Higher Forces.

And before the money comes in your hands, the Higher Forces direct the flow of energy of money, which enters the person from the top of a head. Therefore, a good mentor or spiritual healer who possesses abilities can easily see whether you have money or not if the energy of money enters into you and your destiny, or a block and a dozen different prohibitions are above you. But this is a topic for a completely another article.

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