Month: May 2019

Exoteric VS. Esoteric

Finding Out The Difference: Exoteric VS. Esoteric

Trying to find out the sense of life people are resorting to a variety of theories, religions, beliefs, and customs which are received by the whole world. We are looking for something close to ourselves among the many sciences. Apparently, each of us has heard of exoteric and esoteric things. Perhaps someone even had in mind that these words had the same meaning. In fact, they are antonyms, and there is a bunch of differences between them.

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Esoteric Music

Meditation Audio and Esoteric Music

The esoteric audio is actively used in the process of meditation. It can also help a person in the relaxation and escape from everyday problems and solicitudes. Most often we are talking about the music of special genre – the «new age». It is originated from the big amount of esoteric teachings. This genre is known as that one without history, without the popular founders and devoid of clear frames.

These compositions have an inherent craving for magical and mysterious energies. The demonstrative example of esoteric composition is the mantra. Mantras are an integral part of different cults. For example, such religions as Taoism, Hinduism, and Buddhism use mantras in their traditions. This is a set of sounds, which, in the opinion of practitioners, have resonant (activate body zones). This kind of audio also has a strong and deep psychological and even spiritual effect on the human. In fact, this effect is the main advantage of esoteric audio.